TODAY! Receive Up to $300 in Handcrafted Jewelry Value With All Purchases.  >

TODAY! Receive Up to $300 in Handcrafted Jewelry Value With All Purchases. 

From Shoreline to Adornment, Just For You

“My love for sea glass began several years ago when my sister-in-law shared with me the name of a beach along the eastern seashore lines where she would go to collect sea glass.”

Where It All Began

My journey with sea glass started when my sister-in-law introduced me to a beach where she collected these ocean-polished gems. Intrigued by the idea, I began researching sea glass and quickly fell in love with its beauty. I decided to turn these treasures into beautiful jewelry that anyone could enjoy. 

Sea glass, often called “Mermaid Tears,” is glass that has been discarded into the ocean and transformed into smooth, priceless gems over time. Most of my sea glass comes from Lewes, Delaware, where a shipwreck in 1774 eventually led to these glass gems washing up on the shore in 2004. Each piece of jewelry I create is unique, made with authentic sea glass, and holds a piece of history and mystery.

Our sea glass jewelry embodies the genuine beauty of the ocean, delicately crafted in hypoallergenic sterling silver for your comfort. We take pride in our work, guaranteeing your confidence in our pieces. 

What is Sea Glass?

Sea glass, also known as “beach glass” or “mermaid tears”, is a type of glass that has been polished and weathered by the act of the sea, waves, and sand over a long period of time. Its journey starts as discarded pieces of glass bottles, jars, or other glass objects that somehow end up in the ocean. Over many years, the glass undergoes a natural process of corrosion and transformation, transforming it into a smooth, frosted, and uniquely colored fragment.

Key Features of Sea Glass

Sea glass possesses distinctive characteristics that make it a unique and captivating treasure.

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