TODAY! Receive Up to $300 in Handcrafted Jewelry Value With All Purchases.  >

TODAY! Receive Up to $300 in Handcrafted Jewelry Value With All Purchases. 

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Explore our sea glass rings, each bearing
the mystery of the ocean in its unique design.

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Our sea glass jewelry embodies the genuine beauty of the ocean, delicately crafted in hypoallergenic sterling silver for your comfort. We take pride in our work, guaranteeing your confidence in our pieces.

Crafting Treasures from the Tides

After carefully picking sea glass by the eastern sea shores, we bring you the beauty of the sea in its raw form. At Seaglass Jewelry By Nora, our mission is to deliver top-quality sea glass jewelry art that you can wear in your everyday life and for special occasions. Our vision is to transform the essence of the sea into exquisite wearables that capture its beauty and charm, making every piece a beautiful testament to nature’s artistry.

Bring Nature into Your Home

We understand that your home is your safe place, and who does not want their safe place to reflect elegance and beauty? Our sea glass art will add to your home’s beauty and create a positive atmosphere. With more than a hundred designs, you can pick the one that suits your style, or you can place special orders.

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